The Freedom to Learn-Independent Campus Curriculum is an innovation and revision of its predecessor, aimed at providing freedom and flexibility for students in determining their higher education path. As part of the Freedom to Learn-Independent Campus concept, this curriculum is designed to equip students with competencies covering various fields of knowledge and skills, so that they can have a wide range of choices in selecting courses according to their interests and needs. In addition to providing freedom in course selection, this curriculum also offers opportunities for students to develop their international networks. Through internships or credit transfers with universities abroad, students can broaden their perspectives, develop cross-cultural skills, and expand their professional networks. We hope that theFreedom to Learn-Independent Campus Curriculum can contribute positively to the development and improvement of higher education in Indonesia. Thanks to all parties who have contributed to the development of this curriculum, may it bring great benefits to students and the education sector as a whole.

Head of the German Language Education Department, FBSB UNY

Prof. Dr. Wening Sahayu, M.Pd.